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Clone a Project to Another Instance

Jira projects can be cloned to another instance that has been configured for instance clone.

All the standard project clone features are supported when cloning a project to another instance, except for cloning boards for company-managed projects, which is not supported due to limitations of the Jira API.

The following entities will automatically be created on the target instance if they are missing:

  • Issue Status

  • Issue Type

  • Project category

Custom Fields Mapping

The global custom fields referenced by the project being cloned (for example, in the Field Configuration scheme) will be mapped with custom fields with the same name and type on the target instance.

The custom fields that can’t be automatically mapped (because no corresponding field was found on the target instance) will have to be manually mapped or skipped, before proceeding with cloning the project.

Screenshot 2024-04-10 at 14.30.44.png

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