Two options are available for cloning sprints:

  • Clone Sprint ID

    • This will associate the cloned issue to the same sprint as the original issue.

    • This option is not available when cloning to another instance.

  • Create a new sprint with identical name

    • This will create a new sprint in the selected board and associate the cloned issue to the new sprint.

    • If a sprint with the same name already exists in the selected board, the existing sprint will be reused, and no new sprint will be created.

You just have to select Sprint and the desired outcome in the Deep Clone dialog.

Sprint clone function in the Deep Clone dialog
  • Deep Clone clones only open sprints (active or future). Completed sprints are ignored.

  • Sprints can be visible on several company-managed (classic) boards, depending on your board filter.

  • In team-managed (next-gen) projects, sprints are only visible on the “Origin board”.

Known Limitations

Jira doesn’t allow us to add issues to completed sprints. Therefore it is only possible to clone open (active or future) sprints.