In Jira Cloud, there are two ways for Scrum projects to use estimations:

  • In company-managed projects, Scrum Boards can be configured with an Estimation Statistic field. Per default, this is the “Story Points” field.

  • In team-managed projects, the Estimation feature can be enabled. The field “Story point estimate” is then used to estimate stories.

When cloning issues between two different projects, and both projects have an estimation field configured, Deep Clone will automatically convert estimation fields from the original project to the configured estimation field in the target project.

For example, when cloning a company-managed project with “Story Points” to a team-managed project with “Story point estimate”, all “Story Points” from the original project will be converted to “Story point estimate” in the target project.

Please note that if a company-managed project is not using any Scrum board,