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Clone Jira Work Logs | Time Tracking | Remaining/Original estimates

Logged work in your Jira time tracking is cloned if you select Work log in the Deep Clone dialog under Clone additional fields > More fields.

If you use a third-party app to track time in Jira, this might not work as expected.

Deep Clone for Jira Clone additional fields configuration with Work log option checked and marked

Original estimate is usually cloned (we follow the Atlassian clone function here). If the field Original estimate is not in the create issue screen, you can prevent cloning it by deselecting Clone other editable fields (not shown in “Create issue” screen).

Remaining estimate:

  • If you don’t select the Work log option, the Remaining estimate matches the Original estimate of the issue being cloned.

  • If you select the Work log option and there is at least one work log, the Remaining estimate matches the Remaining estimate of the issue being cloned. Due to technical limitations of the Jira API, this is however only possible if there is at least one Work Log entry to clone. If there’s no work log entry, the Remaining estimate will match the Original estimate value of the original issue.

Work logs with restricted visibility will not be cloned.

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