It is possible to clone issue hierarchies created with “Hierarchy for Jira” from Adaptavist.

Hierarchy for Jira displays

  • Jira standard hierarchies (e.g. Epic - Story - Subtask)

  • Custom hierarchies created with “Hierarchy for Jira”

Clone Jira standard hierarchy

If you want to clone a standard hierarchy (e.g. Epic - Story - Subtask), simply follow the documentation for Epic/Tree Clone.

Clone “Hierarchy for Jira” custom hierarchy

These custom hierarchies make use of Jira issue links. Therefore you need to work with Bulk Clone, not Epic/Tree Clone.

Follow the Bulk Clone instructions and keep the following in mind:

  • Select all issues you want to clone (not only the parent issue)

  • In the Bulk Clone dialog under “Clone additional fields”

    • select “Issue Links”

    • select “Adjust issue links between issues part of this Bulk Clone”

    • deselect “Keep issue links to issues not part of this Bulk Clone”