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App Permissions

Deep Clone for Jira has to be granted specific project permissions to properly clone issues.

All necessary permissions are granted by default and no action is required if the default Jira permissions were not changed, i.e., the atlassian-addons-project-access was not removed.

If you manually edited and revoked necessary project permissions in a company-managed project, some features might not work, and a warning message will be shown. This can be fixed by managing project permissions as follows:

  • Navigate to the company-managed project you wish to clone issues to

  • Navigate to Project Settings > Permissions > Actions > Edit Permissions

  • Click on Grant Permissions

  • Grant the missing permission (see list below) to the Project Role atlassian-addons-project-access

Picture of the Grant Permissions page

Necessary Project Permissions

Deep Clone for Jira requires the following project permissions:

Permission name

Deep Clone feature requiring it

Assign Issues

Setting assignee in created clone issues

Browse Projects

Accessing and editing created clone issues

Create Attachments

Cloning attachments

Create Issues

Creating clone issues

Edit Issues

Editing created clone issues (some fields can only be edited after the issue has been created)

Link Issues

Cloning issue links and adding a link between the original issues and created clone issues

Manage Watchers

Cloning issue watchers

Modify Reporter

Cloning issue reporter

Manage Sprints

Cloning sprints

Schedule Issues

Cloning issue sprint

Transition Issues

Cloning issue status

Work On Issues

Cloning work logs

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