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Trigger Deep Clone from Jira Automation

If you want to trigger Deep Clone with Jira Automation, we recommend to work with Deep Clone post functions and global looping transitions - meaning that the status of origin is also the status of destination.

This is how you can set up a Jira Automation with global looping transitions.

  • Add a global looping transition to your workflow.

  • Add a Deep Clone post function to the looping transition.

  • Create a new Jira Automation rule with an action that triggers the looping transition.

    • Click on “+ add regex to distinguish between multiple transitions to the same status”

    • Define a transition match with the name of your global looping transition (e.g. Clone), to make sure that the correct transition is triggered.

Now you can trigger a Deep Clone via Jira Automation without changing the status of an issue.

Make sure that your automation rule doesn’t cause a loop that creates infinite clones. Issues that are created with Deep Clone can trigger automations of “Issue updated” rules.

  • Global looping transitions can be removed from the issue view by adding the condition “Hide from User” to the transition.

  • If Deep Clone and Automation overwrite each other, you could insert a ‘refetch issue data’ action immediately after the trigger in Automation for Jira. In ‘more options’ you can manually configure a delay which would solve your problem.

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