It is possible to clone Custom Fields with Deep Clone for Jira. If some Custom Fields weren’t cloned, you can try the following solution.


  • The custom field must be configured in both projects.

  • The name of the custom field must match in both projects, if you clone between company-managed (classic) and team-managed (next-gen) projects.

Some Jira Service Management fields and other custom field types cannot be cloned.

  • "Date of First Response"

  • "Username of last updater or commenter"

  • "Domain of Assignee"

  • "Domain of Reporter"

  • "Number of attachments"

  • "Number of comments"

  • "Last public comment date"

  • "Last commented by a User Flag"

  • "Participants of an issue"

  • "Days since last comment" Automatically set by Jira

  • "Rank" Cannot be cloned. You can use the "Rank cloned issues" function after a Bulk Clone instead.

  • JSM "Request Type” - Only supported with “Immediately clone issue” and if the issue type stays the same (JSM limitation).

  • JSM "SLAs" Automatically set by JSM

  • JSM "Approvals" Not supported by JSM. Get in touch with us, if you need to clone that field.

  • JSM "Satisfaction" and "Satisfaction date" Can only be set by JSM

  • JSM "Request language" Can only be set by JSM