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Project Clone (REST API)

Project Clone

To clone a project (without its issues), send a POST request to https://deep-clone-for-jira.[REGION] with the application/json content-type header and the following JSON body:

You have to replace [REGION] with your hostname suffix. You can find out how to determine your suffix here.

    "sourceProjectId": "10000",           // The project ID of the original project.
    "targetProjectKey": "CLONE",          // The key of the new project (must be unique).
    "targetProjectName": "Cloned Project" // The name of the new project (must be unique).

Note that only the project is being cloned, including its configuration, versions, and components, but without its issues. Team-managed projects are currently not supported.

If the request was valid, you will receive the following response:

    "clonedProject": { "id": "10001", ... }, // On success, the details of the cloned project, or null if not successful.
    "errorMessage": null                     // String containing an explanatory message if there were any warnings/errors, or null.
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