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Restrict Deep Clone Usage

By default, Deep Clone Global Permissions are set to public.

We're bound to the default permissions, as those are set by Jira. You can rest assured that only issues that users have access to can be cloned using Deep Clone for Jira, no matter how you set the global permissions.

You can restrict or extend permissions either globally or per project.

A user has access by either having global permissions or project permissions, they don’t need both permissions.

Global Permissions

Project Permissions

Restrict Access

Deep Clone for Jira supports restricting access without changing Jira user groups.

You can configure Deep Clone for Jira specific restriction under Apps > Manage Apps > Deep Clone > Restrict access.

Deep Clone for Jira Restrict Access configuration screen

If Restrict access is enabled, but no projects are configured, no user will be able to select a target project.

Restrict Cloning Into Certain Projects

  1. Check Restrict access to user-groups

  2. Select the project in the drop-down you want to restrict cloning into

  3. Select group(s) that should still be allowed to clone into this project

  4. Save

Users need to have the “Create issue” permission for this project in order to be able to Deep Clone into it, regardless of the “Restrict access” settings below.

Restrict Other Deep Clone Features

  • Disable cloning attachments

  • Disable cloning comments

  • Disable cloning work logs

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