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Known Limitations

Please note that there are known issues that we cannot fix on our part.

We apologize if you experience these issues when setting up the app. We reported it to Atlassian, so hopefully they will fix them soon.

Custom Fields Configuration Size

Jira has a limit of 32768 characters for custom field configurations. As a consequence, if you are using Prime To-Do List or Prime Select List (deep cascading) with a very large number of entries, you may, at some point, fail to add new entries.

If you are reaching this limit, we recommend trying to split the configuration into multiple custom fields, with smaller configurations.

Atlassian Forge limitations

Prime Custom Fields is built using the Atlassian Forge framework, which includes the following limitations:

  • Team-managed projects are currently not supported

  • Jira Service Management projects are currently not supported

  • Setting default values to Prime Custom fields is currently not supported

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