You can also notify yourself if you’ve been mentioned on a page or a task for you has been added, updated or removed. To configure notifications, click on your avatar (in the lower left-hand corner for cloud, upper right-hand corner for server) and select “Slack Notifications”.

There’s no notification sent if you mention yourself in Confluence. You need to mention yourself with a different account in order to test if everything is set up correctly.

Here, you can again set up Slack users or channels to be notified of any updates that are checked under the “When to show notifications” section.

If you have a space in your user name (e.g. Ben Romberg) you have to use the user id to set up notifications. How to do that is explained below. We also recommend to take the user id if notifications doesn’t work with @username.

Notifications for users with spaces in their usernames

If notifications don’t work with the @username style (especially for usernames including spaces), you can alternatively use the @userid format. The Slack member ID can be retrieved by first navigating to your Slack profile in the upper left-hand corner of the Slack UI:

  • Click on your profile picture

  • View profile

  • More

  • Copy member ID

Enter this ID prefixed with an @, e.g. @U08CWUG2F into the notification configuration. Notifications should now work.