When cloning an issue of type “Test” provided by Xray Test Management for Jira, Deep Clone for Jira supports cloning its manual test steps.

Connection setup

  • Create an API key in Xray following these instructions

  • In Jira, navigate to Apps > Manage your apps > Deep Clone > Third party integrations

  • Submit the Client ID and Client Secret of the generated Xray API key

Once the connection is set up, a new option is available in the Deep Clone form. Please note that the Xray “Test” target issue type has to be selected.

Known limitations

  • Only Xray test steps of type Manual can be cloned. Generic and Cucumber test steps are ignored

  • Other entities, such as Dataset, Preconditions, Test Sets or Test Runs are not supported by Deep Clone for Jira

  • Cloning Modular Tests is not supported, and called tests are cloned as regular manual tests

Please let us know if these limitations are preventing you to use Deep Clone for Jira together with Xray Test Management.