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How to Migrate Your Projects to Jira Product Discovery With Deep Clone for Jira

Product Discovery is a still evolving product and not all features being added might be supported by Deep Clone. Let us know if there is something not working for your migration!


With the advent of Jira Product Discovery, many Jira users are contemplating migrating their product management to this new offering. However, this transition presents a challenge: Jira Product Discovery only supports team-managed projects, while many users currently operate in company-managed projects. Unfortunately, Jira doesn't provide a straightforward method for transferring issues between these project types.

This guide will detail a streamlined approach to migrating to Jira Product Discovery using Deep Clone, ensuring a smooth transition.

Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Evaluate Your Migration Needs

  • Understand Your Data: Analyze the issue data in your current Jira Cloud instances. Identify what needs to be cloned, including custom fields.

  • Assess Deep Clone Compatibility: Verify if Deep Clone for Jira meets your security and reliability requirements (which you can do by visiting our trust report page), and ensures that all critical data can be migrated.

Step 2: Prepare Your Project

  • Configure Target Product Discovery fields: Set up the target Product Discovery project. Ensure that you have created fields in your Product Discovery project for every custom field that you want to migrate. The field name must match the custom field name in the source project exactly, including capitalization, and the field must have a matching Field type. (E.g. Text Field (single line) to Short text; Select List (multiple choices) to Multi-Select)

2024-01-24 15-58-20240124-145842.gif
  • Configure Target Product Discovery workflow: If you want to clone the status of your original issues, a status with the exact same name must exist in the target Product Discovery project. Additionally, the status must have a valid transition to it and no rules prohibiting the transition.

Step 3: Migrate with Deep Clone for Jira

  • Start Cloning Process: Use Deep Clone Bulk Clone to clone your issues to the new target Product Discovery project. You can select all issues in a project or a custom JQL filter that's representing your old product management issue structure. This process can handle up to 100,000 issues at once.

  • Monitor the Migration: Deep Clone provides real-time monitoring through a cloning log, allowing you to track progress and address any issues immediately.

Deep Clone for Jira real time clone log


  • Receive Completion Notification: When dealing with extensive Bulk Cloning that might require additional time, Deep Clone can operate in the background, and users receive a notification upon the migration’s completion, and you can check the logs in the Clone History.

Benefits of Using Deep Clone for Jira

  • Efficient Migration: Deep Clone simplifies the migration process, enabling you to migrate to Product Discovery swiftly.

  • Complete Data: Deep Clone can clone your custom field values to the new field types in Product Discovery.


Deep Clone can help you migrate your old product management issue structures to the new Jira Product Discovery project type. This is thanks to Deep Clones support for cloning issues between company-managed and team-managed projects.

Contact us if we can help you with your use case!

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