The Quick Issue Statistics gadget displays the collection of issues returned from a specified project or saved filter, grouped by a specified field – in this example the Assignee.

We built this gadget based on the model of Atlassian’s “Issue Statistics”. You can follow the Atlassian documentation in order to configure the gadget.

This gadget can show statistics for up to 5000 issues.

Advanced functionality: Aggregate values of Jira number fields

The Quick Gadgets “Quick Issue Statistics” and “Quick Two Dimensional Filter Statistics” have advanced functionality which is not available in the Atlassian gadgets, besides being interactive.

Per default the gadgets aggregate the number of issues. In the gadget settings you can edit the “Values shown” to any Jira number field, e.g. Original Estimate. Changing that you can aggregate e.g. the Original Estimate of all issues which are displayed in the gadget.

Additionally, you can choose the function used to aggregate the field values. Available functions are SUM, AVERAGE, MIN and MAX.

Quick Issues Statistics gadget