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Quick Activity Stream

This gadget lists recent activities (issues created, edited, commented on, etc.) grouped by users and ordered by date.

Besides being interactive, this gadget has other advanced functionalities which are not available in the Atlassian gadget. 

  • It is possible to filter activities by projects, favorite filters, and JQL queries.

  • The activity stream shows the actual values of custom fields that have been updated.

Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards Quick Activity Stream gadget

Adding the 'Quick Activity Stream' Gadget to Your Dashboard

  1. Go to your Jira Cloud dashboard and click Edit ✏️.

  2. Click Add gadget.

  3. The Gadget Directory will appear. Locate the Quick Activity Stream gadget and click the Add button.

  4. The gadget will appear on your dashboard as follows, ready for you to configure:

Quick Filters for Jira Quick Activity Stream configuration
  • Group — define the group the gadget will belong to. Only gadgets in the same group are influenced by filters set in a Quick Controller in the same group. (Up to five different groups are possible)

  • Filter results by — refine displayed results by:

    • Filter

    • Project

    • Advanced (JQL)

  • Items shown count — type the number of activities that you want the gadget to display.

  • Show items up to — limit the time period displayed.

    • 30 minutes

    • 90 days

  • Group items by — decide how activities are grouped in the stream. By default, the stream is grouped by days.

    • Days

    • Issues

  • Activities shown — by default, the gadget shows all kinds of activities. You can limit this further.

    • Attachment added

    • Comment added/updated

    • Issue created

    • Issue Field updated

    • Issue Link updated

  • Default view — define the default view of the stream. You can change the view later in the top right.

    • Detailed view

      Quick Filters for Jira Quick Activity gadget Detailed view
    • List view

      Quick Filters for Jira Quick Activity gadget List view
  • Auto refresh — define how often the gadget refreshes. By default every 5 minutes.

    • Every minute

    • Every 5 minutes

    • Every 15 minutes

    • Every 60 minutes

    • Never

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