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Quick Controller Gadget

The Quick Controllers filters issues in any other Quick Gadget shown on the same dashboard. The Quick Controller can be added to your Jira dashboard as any other Jira gadget.

You have different options to filter issues with the Quick Controller:

  • Operators (e.g., =, !=, <=, IN, IS EMPTY, CHANGED, …)

  • JQL

  • Dropdown

  • Input Field

Options are available depending on the field you are using to filter.

Quick Filters for Jira Dashboards Quick Controller

Connect a Quick Controller With Any Other Quick Gadget

  • Make sure that a group is set in the Quick Controller (e.g., Group 1)

  • Add any other Quick Gadget to your dashboard

  • When configuring the Quick Gadget, select the group you want to connect with (e.g., Group 1)

Group selection


Known Limitations

Gadgets show inconsistent results

When filtering a user field with multiple usernames, a limitation within Jira can cause errors that cause the gadgets to return incorrect results.

Quick controller filtering by user name

To avoid this, you can replace all Account Names in your filters with the corresponding Account ID. This is possible by typing the name in the JQL filter and then selecting the name from the list.

Quick controller filtering by account ID

Read More About the Quick Controller

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