Do you already have an installation of the asset management tool Snipe-IT? If not, you can get one here.
If yes, you can continue with the following steps to connect Snipe-IT with Jira.

  1. Go to the configuration screen:

    • Either by clicking on the “Configure” button in the app listing

    • Or under Jira settings > Apps > Snipe-IT for Jira > Configuration

  2. Enter the publicly accessible URL of your Snipe-IT instance and an API key

  3. Click “Check connection and save”

Follow these instructions to generate an API key in the Snipe-IT web interface.

Once you confirm the URL and API key by clicking on “Check connection and Save”, the app will check if it can connect to your Snipe-IT instance and proceed to sync all assets with Jira.

The app will sync all assets from Snipe-IT to Jira once an hour. You can also start a sync manually by clicking on the “Run manually” button in the configuration.