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"Assets of Reporter" Glance

The Assets of Reporter glance is a field that displays all assets which are assigned to the reporter of a ticket. You can easily click through all assets directly from the Jira ticket. It’s possible to edit the status, the assignee, and the notes of every asset, as well as any custom field.

The email address of the Jira user must match the email address of the Snipe-IT user, to detect the correct Snipe-IT assignee in Jira.

This is how you make the Assets of Reporter glance visible in your Jira project

  1. Navigate to the Snipe-IT for Jira configuration page: Jira settings > Apps > Snipe-IT for Jira > Configuration

  2. Under Show the “Assets of Reporter” glance in projects you can select the project where the field should be visible

  3. Open an issue in the project where you enabled the Assets of Reporter glance -> The field Snipe-IT for Jira should be visible and display the number of assets that are assigned to the reporter

  4. Click on Assets of Reporter to get more details.

Snipe-IT for Jira configuration page with Assets of Reporter selected

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