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Custom JQL Buttons and Dropdowns (Quick Controller)

If you want to create filters for customized values, you can create custom JQL buttons and dropdowns. This function is helpful when you want to filter for values, which are not represented by a specific issue field.


  • Custom JQL dropdown for Teams

    • Team A (with JQL assignee in (Martha, Sarah, George))

    • Team B (with JQL assignee in (Jane, Bob, Jose))

    • Team C (with JQL assignee in (Ali, Paul, Elena))

  • Custom JQL button for Priority

    • High priority (with JQL priority in (high, highest))

Quick Controller Custom JQL dropdown

How to add Custom JQL Buttons or Dropdowns to your Quick Controller

  • Add the Quick Controller gadget to your Jira dashboard

  • Click on the Action menu ··· > configure on the top right

  • Expand the dropdown next to Add filter

  • Select Single JQL (Button) or Multiple JQL (Dropdown)

Adding Custom JQL Buttons or Dropdowns to Quick Controller

Configure a Custom JQL Dropdown

After you’ve selected Multiple JQL (Dropdown) as mentioned in the “How to” above, you can configure your custom dropdown filter and select your custom JQL filters to apply.

  • Label: The label will be displayed as an option in the dropdown (e.g. Team A)

  • JQL: The JQL will define the filter for the dropdown option (e.g. assignee in (Martha, Sarah, George))

  • 🗑 (next to JQL): Remove the single dropdown option

  • 🗑 (next to plus): Remove the entire dropdown

  • (plus) : Add an option

  • Button Text: Name of the dropdown which is displayed on the dropdown, when it is collapsed (e.g. Teams)

Quick controller configuration

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