If you are using a standard dropdown filter in a Quick Controller, you will have the option to activate Smart Dropdowns.

  • Enter the configuration of your Quick Controller gadget

  • Add a dropdown filter

  • Check Smart Dropdowns

Smart Dropdowns

When enabled, Smart Dropdowns ensure that dropdown filters only provide meaningful suggestions, i.e. suggestions that match the current state of the Quick Controller. Suggestions are dynamically narrowed down based on what filters are active on your Quick Controller.

Consider the following example:

Quick Controller

Here, the assignee dropdown will only show users assigned to issues that are in the project Quality and have the priority Medium.

Base JQL

When you activate Smart Dropdowns, you can also define a static Base JQL, to narrow down results in your filter dropdowns regardless of the current state of the Quick Controller. In the example above, only assignees of issues with the database component will be shown.

  • Smart dropdowns will not show all possible values, but instead only values that are actually used by the currently filtered issues. In the example above, this means that not all possible assignees of the project Quality will be shown, but instead only the users that are actually assigned to issues in this project.

  • Only the first 1000 filtered issues are used for smart dropdowns suggestions.

  • If no value is found, all possible values of the Jira instance will be shown as suggestions, as if the Smart Dropdowns option wasn’t enabled.

  • Some special JQL fields are not supported with Smart Dropdowns, such as watcher, voter or fields where the data is not stored within each issue (e.g. filter).

  • Custom JQL dropdowns are not affected by Smart Dropdowns.