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How to Escalate Tickets in Jira Service Management With Deep Clone for Jira


Deep Clone for Jira is not just a tool for cloning issues; it's an efficient solution for escalating tickets in complex support processes.

Many of our clients, including a prominent logistics company, have adopted Deep Clone for Jira as their go-to escalation tool. Here's how you can leverage its features to streamline your support workflow.

In a typical scenario, the first-line support team operates within a Jira Service Management project, handling customer tickets and responding based on FAQs. When a ticket, such as a bug report, feature request, or feedback, requires escalation, it needs to be forwarded to a specialized project team.

Diagram if an escalation process

To escalate a bug report, you would create a new issue in the development team's Jira software project and provide all the necessary details for resolution. The original ticket remains in the Jira Service Management project to continue customer communication.

This can be done highly efficiently by utilizing Deep Clone Presets in the issue actions menu.

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Create a Preset

    1. Navigate to Apps > Deep Clone > Manage Presets

    2. Select the type of preset you want to create (Single, Bulk, or Epic/Tree Clone)

    3. Click Create new preset

    4. Configure the preset according to your needs

    5. Check Add as an action to issue menu

    6. Save the Preset

Deep Clone presets configuration
  1. Escalate an Issue

    1. Navigate to the issue you want to escalate

    2. Click on the top right Actions menu ••• > Your Escalation Preset

Benefits of Using Deep Clone for Jira in This Scenario

  1. Cloning and Moving Issues:

    • Use Deep Clone for Jira to clone the original issue and move the clone to the development project.

    • This process is streamlined as Deep Clone allows you to clone, move, and edit the issue type in one action.

Diagram of issue escalation with Deep Clone for Jira

  1. Including Comments in Clones:

    • Deep Clone for Jira enables you to include all comments when cloning an issue.

    • This feature is crucial as it ensures that all communication, often containing vital information for resolving the issue, is transferred to the development team.

  2. Utilizing Presets for Efficiency:

    • Presets in Deep Clone for Jira can be used to pre-define standard clone settings for common scenarios.

    • For instance, if a bug is reported in the Warehouse Management system, selecting the preset “Escalate bug to WMS” automatically creates a clone in the correct project with the issue type set to “bug”.

    • This reduces the likelihood of human error and speeds up the escalation process.


Deep Clone for Jira is more than just a cloning tool; it can be an integral part of an efficient ticket escalation process. By following these steps, you can ensure a seamless, error-free transition of issues between teams, enhancing your support workflow.

Contact us if we can help you with your use case!

This page is based on our Atlassian community article.

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