You can clone a company-managed (classic) Jira project, including its issues, components, versions and settings. The Project Clone can be accessed via the Bulk Clone dialog.

When configuring your Bulk Clone, choose “Clone project…” as the “Target project”:

You can now choose the source project where those settings should be cloned from, including the project key and name for the new project:

Once you confirm with “Clone project”, the new project will be created and you can proceed to clone the issues into the new project by continuing with a Bulk Clone.


By default, only Jira administrators can use Project Clone, since creating company-managed projects requires administrator permissions. However, you can extend or restrict permissions for Project Clone using the “Deep Clone for Jira - Project Clone” global permission:

In addition, only logged-in users can use Deep Clone on projects that they have the "Browse project" permission for.

Known Limitations

  • The standard Project Clone does not clone team-managed projects and/or board configurations. Follow the instructions under Advanced Project Clone in order to enable this feature. If you don’t want to enable the Advanced Project Clone you can use the following workarounds:

  • Cloning Jira automation rules is not possible at the moment. You can read more about sharing automation rules across projects in the Atlassian community.

Read more about Deep Clone permissions