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Configuration (Bulk Clone)

Deep Clone offers advanced features, that are not available in the standard clone feature of Jira.

  • It’s possible to clone certain data that is usually not clonable (e.g. comments, issue status).

  • You are flexible to decide which field you want to clone, and which not.

  • The clone can be moved to another project and issue type while cloning.

  • Some data can be created in the target project while cloning (components, labels, versions, sprints).

The configuration of Single Clones, Epic Clones and Bulk Clones resembles each other in most areas.

More Details About Configuration Options

It is possible

Deep Clone configuration Target project and Target issue type

Apart from that, you can decide which content you want to copy over from the original issue to the clone.

  • Components

    • Either copies the component

    • Or creates new component with identical name in the target project.

  • Versions

    • Either copies the version

    • Or creates new version with identical name in the target project.

  • Attachments

    • Max. attachment size 2 GB

  • Comments

    • You can select that the original time the comment was created at will be added to the comment as the first line (since the comments themselves will be shown as being created when you clone the issue).

  • Issue links (excluding the "clones" issue links)

  • Remote links (e.g. Confluence or web-links)

  • Sprint

    • Either copies the Sprint ID.

    • Or creates a new sprint with identical name in the target project.

  • Votes

  • Watchers

  • Work log

  • Subtasks

  • Issue Status

  • Clone other editable fields (not shown in the “Create issue” screen)

You'll see in parentheses next to these how many of an embedded type would be cloned, e.g. Attachments (1) would show that we've detected 1 attachment that would be cloned if the checkbox is activated.

Deep Clone for Jira configuration with Attachments selected

In the advanced options, you can control some other details. Some of the items are checked by default. These are also provided by the built-in clone functionality of Jira. The intention is that the default settings replicate the default Clone functionality from Jira as much as possible.

  • Prefix summary

    • Can be edited.

  • Clone issue properties

    • Usually used by apps

  • Add issue links between clone and original issue

  • Clone issue multiple times (Single Clone)

  • Configure Epic Link

    • Link to cloned epic (Bulk/Epic Clone only) - sets the Epic Link to the cloned Epic, if it is cloned within the same Bulk/Epic Clone

    • Keep link to original epic - sets the Epic Link to the original Epic issue

    • Clear - unsets the Epic Link

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