Sometimes it happens that the custom field was not created automatically. If you can’t find the custom field “Linked assets”, you can create it on your own following these steps:

  1. Got to Jira > Jira settings > Issues > Custom fields

  2. Click Create custom field > Advanced > Assets > Next

  3. Give the custom field an arbitrary name, e.g. “Linked assets”

  4. Click “Create”

You can also add multiple asset custom fields and limit which Snipe-IT asset categories are used within them.
To limit the asset categories go to

  1. Jira settings>Issues>Custom fields

  2. Select or create an Asset custom field (e.g. “Linked Assets”)

  3. Click on the three-dots-menu>Contexts and default values

  4. Click “Edit Filters” to add categories the field should use.