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Create asset field manually in company-managed (classic) Jira projects

Sometimes it happens that the custom field was not created automatically. If you can’t find the custom field “Linked assets”, you can create it on your own following these steps:

  1. Got to Jira > Jira settings ⚙️ > Issues > Custom fields

  2. Click Create custom field > Advanced > External asset platform > Next

  3. Give the custom field an arbitrary name, e.g. Linked assets

  4. Click Create

You can also add multiple asset custom fields and limit which Snipe-IT asset categories are used within them.
To limit the asset categories go to

  1. Jira settings ⚙️ > Issues > Custom fields

  2. Select or create an Asset custom field (e.g. Linked Assets)

  3. Click on the Action menu ··· > Contexts and default values

  4. Click Edit Filters to add categories the field should use.

Custom Field creation window with External asset platform selected

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