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Two-way Sync

With a two-way sync group, you can sync versions across a group of Jira projects. We usually recommend the two-way sync because it covers most of the use cases.

Use Case: If you have e.g. three different teams (Dev, Marketing, QA) which work on the a software product and contribute to the same releases, you create a two-way sync group which contains all projects.

  • Go to Version Sync in Project A: Project A > Project settings > Apps > Version Sync

  • Make sure that you are in the tab Two-way sync

  • Create a new group (e.g. PA) with default settings

  • Click + Add another project 

  • Select the project you want to add to the sync group (e.g. Project B)

> You get redirected to the Version Sync settings of Project B

  • Make the desired settings and save

  • If applicable, sync existing versions from Project B manually

Future version will be synced automatically.

Two-way sync screen

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