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Known Limitations (Project Clone)

  • Team-managed projects and company-managed board configurations can only be cloned when the Advanced Project Clone is enabled. If you don’t want to enable the Advanced Project Clone you can use the following workarounds:

  • Company-managed Jira Service Management projects cannot be cloned entirely and the following entities don’t get cloned:

    • Request types, Forms, and External resources

    • Customer permissions and notifications, language support, email settings

    • Portal, widget, and chat settings

    • Knowledge base links and SLA settings

  • Cloning Jira automation rules is not possible at the moment. You can read more about sharing automation rules across projects in the Atlassian community.

  • Cloning issue layouts is currently not possible for Deep Clone. Please refer to our documentation on how to Clone issue layouts.

Please note that there may be more limitations. We cannot guarantee that all other details of a cloned project get cloned as expected and cannot be made liable for discrepancies between original and cloned projects.

If you discover any other limitations, please contact us so we can improve Deep Clone or add them here.

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